F:A:Q: Snow School

How does the LAVIDA entry-level system work?
You can pick up in our unique system in 3 different ways:

Pick up at one of our more than 30 ski school stops in and around Munich
COLLECTION DAHOAM - We pick at least 2 students for an extra charge right outside the front door
V.I.P. - Shuttle - We pick groups of 6-8 TN for an additional charge at a desired stop
A new, individual and time-optimized timetable is created for each course, which leads to the ski area as directly and as quickly as possible. Our LAVIDA shuttle buses provide optimized pick-up times as a feeder to the coaches!

We reserve the right to drive over the city of Munich on the busiest Saturdays in January and February to avoid the traffic jams on the east bypass A99

What do I have to give my child?
You will receive an email with informative information and a checklist 1-2 days before the start of the course!

Here is an overview for the planning:

Mark all equipment with first and last names
Waxed ski / board and sanded edges - SERVICE
Check binding adjustment
Gloves and cap
Snow goggles (in good weather possibly give sunglasses)
Warm ski clothing, hat, ski socks, functional underwear

We go with helmet!
Basically there is no helmet requirement in Austria and Germany. In the interest of the safety of our students, we recommend wearing a ski helmet.

I have no equipment! Can you also borrow them?
No problem! Just when booking the desired equipment including personal data, we bring everything already set and groomed into the ski area!

How many participants are in a group?
We divide our groups with about 8 participants.

Can I register several children for the same class?
No problem! Enter your desired course when booking. Prerequisite for this is a similar driving skills. Please note, however, that children develop at different rates during a course. Should it be your wish that the children still drive in a group with very different skills, the stronger must drive in the slower group.

I would like to go with you?
Welcome on board! Book your ONLINE or our office early on your day trip. On request, we will provide you with discounted day tickets!

What are the lift costs?
Depending on driving skills and the ski area, different lift costs apply. Therefore, we collect the lift money on arrival on the bus and order the tickets, so when the bus arrives everyone gets their tickets.

Depending on the ski area, the following costs are likely:

Beginners ski and snowboard about 10 € on the first day of the course
Children advanced to einsch. 15 years. about 15-20 €
Teenagers advanced 16-18 years. about 22-30 €
Adult advanced 26-35 €
The exact course information will be announced 1-2 days before the start of the course or the respective course day under the menu item course information!

What happens if I get sick before the course starts or during the course?
Our optional LAVIDA cancellation insurance refunds the course price for sickness both for the entire course and for individual course days!

Without cancellation insurance, our cancellation conditions apply, which, depending on the resignation date, are repaid pro rata with deductibles to the course price. Individual course days will not be refunded here, a replacement date is not possible.

How are the children looked after?
From the bus entrance, bus ride, course, lunch break to the exit, the children are looked after by our LAVIDA team.

Lunch break in the hut or your own snack The choice is yours!
You decide for yourself! Your own snack in the heated bus or a warm meal in a hut directly on the slope? Both alternatives are supervised, time-saving, are booked directly at registration and apply to the entire course.

The dishes in the hut change daily and include drinks. Price: 9 € / day, for FLIZZY-Dwarves 8 € / day

Will my child stay in the registered course class?
We divide the children according to age and the driving ability you specify. On the first course morning, all course groups are checked for homoginity by our instructor and the instructors! Here it can happen that we make another regrouping in the interest of your child.

We lost something?
Objects lost in the buses will be taken back by our bus conductors for the next day's class. After the course all Lost & Founds will come to our ski school office. We photograph everything and put it under the menu item LOST & FOUND on our website. You have discovered something! A quick phone call or a mail is enough and we will send you the lost part FREE by post!